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Since our inception, Central Coast Senior Services, Inc. has invested in the education and training of Personal Attendants to assure the quality of each new employee prior to being placed with a client. This is not only important to teach them our levels of care and excellence, but it is a chance for care managers to understand the personalities of the Personal Attendants so that  they can be best placed with the client. Continuing education and training for our Personal Attendants and Home Care Coordinators is something that we believe in and offer.

  • We provide three paid days of training in our well-equipped 800 sf classroom to Personal Attendants we employ.  Additionally, each trainee receives on-the-job side-by-side training by our Licensed Vocational Nurse and Home Care Managers. This helps integrate our new employees into our Care Philosophy and Standards of Excellence . All new Managers and Supervisors must also attend portions of  this mandatory training.
  • During this training, the Personal Attendants must complete a series of written exams and demonstrate the physical skills required for in-home care,  followed by a final exam.
  • The Home Care Coordinators who will supervise the Personal Attendants have also completed the entire training. This gives our instructors ample opportunity to evaluate the Personal Attendants during the three days of classroom instruction, and employees may be terminated at this stage in the conditional hiring process.