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Modern life is complicated. What happens when important details start slipping through the cracks?

In addition to ensuring that each client receives the right level of care, Case Management services from our Home Care Managers can include support for many of the logistical aspects of life that become challenging for older adults.  At the same time, we can provide accountability and communication for family and legal professionals. Home Care Managers keep an eye on the overall well-being of our clients and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Case Management typically includes careful consultation with our client and their family to develop a plan of care and regular check-ins to update that plan as needs change. It may also involve:

  • Coordinating medical, dental, and beauty appointments
  • Maintaining communication between health care providers, including pharmacies
  • Obtaining medical and safety equipment for the home
  • Arranging for contractors, electricians, or plumbers to resolve home maintenance issues
  • Communicating with family, lawyers, trustees, and fiduciaries

Case Management is included with in-home care from our Personal Attendants, or is available on its own.

As a stand-alone service, Case Management is a solution for clients who do not need personal care, but who would benefit from professional management, oversight, and improved communication with distant family members or legal professionals.

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