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Our Home Care Managers will help you determine the level of care best suited to your needs and specific situation. Call 831-649-3363 to schedule a consultation at no cost to you.

Hourly Care: Our hourly care has a minimum of four hours. Beyond this, you may request any number of hours per day, any number of days per week.  If your needs are less than four hours then a “visit” may be right for you.

Visit: A visit is up to two hours and is typically used to get the day started or tucked in at night.

Overnight Care: This is typically 12 hours of care overnight.  The shift is charged the standard hourly rate f the Attendant is allowed to sleep and be available when needed.

Overnight On-Duty:  With Overnight On-Duty, typically the Attendant is at the bedside, is not expected to be continuously awake, but is immediately available.

Around-the-Clock Care: With around-the-clock care, Personal Attendants work two 12-hour shifts, providing care as needed. The Personal Attendants are allowed to have adequate sleep, rest, and downtime and have reasonable accommodations.

Live In:  A Live In Attendant stays in the home around the clock.  A Live In Attendant is expected to have reasonable accommodations, down time, and sleep.

Our Personal Attendants are allowed specific breaks and meal time during their shift. The timing and frequency of the breaks and mealtime depends on the length of the shift. The Attendant is paid for all breaks and meal times and the client is billed accordingly.

A Word of Caution: Some agencies may offer shorter minimum visits. Our experience has shown that anything less than two hours diminishes the quality of care by requiring more caregivers per client to handle the many shorter shifts, and more clients per caregiver to fill each caregiver’s work day. This means a reduced continuity of care for the client and a greater administrative burden if any given Personal Attendant calls off for the day.