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[accordion-item title=”Respite Care”]
The Respite Care Program is designed to allow the primary caregivers “time off” to take better care of themselves. Often a family member caring for a loved one leaves their caregiving duties only to take care of other responsibilities such as grocery shopping, banking, and other necessary “chores.” Respite care is good for both the caregivers and the care recipients.  Caregivers who do not take care of themselves are more likely to become ill themselves or be unable to provide adequate care for their loved ones.

Respite Care is provided by our Personal Attendants, who can assist your loved one with compassion and skill. Learn more about what our personal care services include. Respite care is available in two-hour or longer visits at our standard rates.

There are many great resources available in our area for family caregivers.  We encourage you to explore the resources we’ve collected or contact our office to learn more about how you can take care of yourself while caring for a loved one.

[accordion-item title=”Hospice and End of Life Care in the Home”]
End-of-Life care in the home is the most desired choice for many people facing their final days, whether by terminal illness or natural causes. Central Coast Senior Services, Inc. can assist during these difficult times. We are committed to providing the professional and compassionate care that enables you to make your choice to die at home.

Our Personal Attendants will take care of the fundamental bedside needs that can be very difficult for family members to assume. These services can be full-time, part-time, or as Respite Care to give family caregivers a necessary break from the responsibility of daily care.  Learn more about our scheduling options. »

Coordinated Care with Hospice & VNA

Hospice Services are ordered by a physician and provided by a licensed Hospice Agency. In Monterey County, we have three licensed Hospice Agencies: Central Coast Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) and Hospice, Hospice of the Central Coast, and Heartland Hospice.

Sometimes clients choose to enlist Hospice during the final months of a terminal illness.  At other times, Hospice Agencies refer new clients to us. In either case, our Home Care Managers work closely with the Hospice team of nurses, social workers and therapists to meet your needs, and to ensure consistency of care in the implementation of Hospice orders. Our Personal Attendants provide professional bedside care, allowing the client and family to be free from those concerns.

At Central Coast Senior Services, Inc., we are very proud to have been selected by VNA as their Coordinated Care Provider for non-medical in-home care.

[accordion-item title=”Assisted Living Facilities”]
Those who choose an Assisted Living option may find that the one-on-one attention of a Personal Attendant may be helpful in addition to the facility’s services. We serve people who choose Independent Living or Assisted Living with the same personalized care as provided in a traditional home setting.

We have a special relationship with The Park Lane in Monterey, an excellent facility for senior living. Virginia Carlos, RN, BSN is our Home Care Manager based at The Park Lane who oversees all of our Attendants and clients in this community. Because we always have a number of clients receiving our services there, we offer especially flexible scheduling, including half-hour mini-visits just to provide that extra bit of help that makes life a little easier.