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Adult Day Care at Generations by the Bay


Adult Day Care Caregiver and client bond

We’ve got your back! Because life happens and you need help with caring for your loved one.

Generations by the Bay is an adult day care center offered by Central Coast Senior Services, Inc., Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.  If you would like to learn more, please call 831-649-3363.  You can request an Admission Packet be mailed to you, or you may download it here:

Admission Packet

What Is Adult Day Care?


Adult day care allows your family member to spend the day in a safe, nurturing environment when you can’t keep him or her home for the day. Maybe you’re having work done on your house, or you have an important appointment. Maybe you just need some time to yourself.

Whatever the reason, you can be confident that your loved one is being cared for by experienced, compassionate caregivers. Generations by the Bay gives you peace of mind.

At Generations By the Bay, your loved one will enjoy:

  • – Experienced, professional personal care.
  • – Freshly prepared meals.
  • – Stimulating and enjoyable activities.
  • – Opportunities for socializing.
  • – Active and table games played in a group setting allowing plenty of social interaction.
  • – Creative activities that can include puzzles, games, handwork, and crafts.
  • – An atmosphere of warmth and compassion.


A Break for Both of You


We offer a welcome respite for you, and it can also be an enjoyable break in routine for your family member.

It might be difficult to make the change at first, but once your loved one gets to know the staff and the surroundings, you’ll both start to enjoy it. After a while, your family member will regard the adult day care as another regular part of their routine.


When Is It Time to Consider Adult Day Care?


Sometimes you don’t have any alternative, and adult day care is the only option. Other times, the stress and exhaustion of caring for an elderly loved one might overwhelm you. Your mind and your body need to rest.

Some people feel guilty entrusting their family members to the care of strangers. If you feel anxious or conflicted about leaving your loved one at our care facility, it’s important to remember that your physical, mental and emotional health matter, too.

  • – Full-time caregivers don’t get enough rest, and they’re often physically and emotionally spent.
  • – Caregivers can deliver better care if they regularly take time out to refresh themselves with counseling, socializing, meditation or enjoying favorite hobbies.

Keeping yourself strong and healthy is the best way to ensure that you’re giving your best to your loved one.


If You Have More Questions About Adult Day Care, Contact Us


Do you have questions? Learn what we offer in our well-appointed, professionally staffed center. Contact Generations By the Bay at 831-649-3363 today to learn more about our respite care and adult day care options.


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