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Employee training is essential to our goal of providing quality senior care and help seniors remain comfortable and happy in their homes.  Our mandatory paid employee training program is delivered in our classroom as well as in the home. Training is supervised by a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Trainers include Nursing, Licensed Social Worker, Home Care Managers and Administrative staff in our on site Classroom.

Our Personal Attendants are trained to assist with a variety of activities, including:

  1. personal care, bathing and dressing
  2. medication reminders
  3. simple meal preparation
  4. light housework
  5. companionship
  6. grocery shopping
  7. using our Petty Cash System groceries are purchased using our funds and then billed to the client eliminating the need for employees handling client funds

Our Training Program far exceeds the State of California training requirements.  Our on-site classroom is equipped with:

  1. typical equipment seen in the home
  2. electric hospital bed
  3. hoyer lift, manual and full electric
  4. wheelchairs
  5. oxygen concentrator
  6. low/swivel recliners typically found in the home to teach assisted standing techniques such as BOOST
  7. state of the art audio-visual equipment
  8. typical personal care items found in the home
    1. hearing aids
    2. diabetic test kits
    3. dentures
    4. shaving kits

We pride ourself as being a superior employer. The company actively invests in its employees and their futures by providing required continuing education courses and extensive paid training for all staff and Personal Attendants, as well as excellent benefits. We offer a 401k Plan and return profits back to employees in the way of profit sharing. We also provide a Company paid health plan, and offer vision, dental, life insurance and prepaid legal.

Employees who come to work for us complete an aptitude test, a drug test, a written examination and a criminal background check as well as graduate from our extensive training program.

We ensure each Personal Attendant is registered as a Home Care Aide with the State of California Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB) which is responsible for licensing Home Care Organizations including processing applications, receiving and responding to complaints and conducting unannounced visits to ensure compliance. This registration is done annually.